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Zero Tolerance Form

The Oswego Youth Basketball Association


It is our goal to promote sportsmanship and citizenship for the youth of the Oswego 

community through the game of basketball.

To that end, all interested children in the grades we serve are allowed to participate.

We strive to implement a program that is safe and enjoyable for the players of our league, 

focusing on teaching them sportsmanship, skills, teamwork, with a strong emphasis on fun, while 

playing the game of basketball.

Therefore, we implement the following Zero Tolerance Policy.  This policy is applied to all 

spectators and participants, including coaches, officials, and league volunteers.

League officials, including game referees, are directed to stop any game or practice when 

parents, spectators, or any other participants display what they deem to be inappropriate or disruptive 

behavior, or interfere with any other participants in a way that negatively affects those participants.

Game officials are empowered to remove the violators from the area. If the offending parties 

refuse to leave, security and/or law enforcement may be called, as necessary. Once violators of this 

policy are removed from further impacting the event, play may then resume.

Game officials will identify violators of this policy to the Oswego Youth Basketball 

Association Board of Directors, where further action may be taken as is deemed appropriate by the 

Examples of inappropriate and disruptive behavior include:

- Obscene or vulgar language, to anyone at any time.

- Taunting of players, coaches, officials, or other spectators including baiting, ridiculing, physical 

violence or the threat thereof.

- Throwing any object in the spectators’ viewing area, players’ bench / area, or onto the court.

- Making negative comments concerning any parent, spectator, or other participant, in a manner that 

incites or offends others.

We ask all adults to please keep in mind the importance of teaching our children the correct attitudes 

and to do your part to be a role model for them to follow.

By signing below you are agreeing to adhere to the above policies.

Player __________________________     Parent or Guardian____________________________