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Document Handling Policy

The Oswego Youth Basketball Association  

Document Handling Policy


In order to conduct operations, The Oswego Youth Basketball Association is required to view, handle, and store numerous documents that can contain sensitive personal information. As a result, the Board of Directors is committed to the following policy for document handling.


We will collect and retain only the information necessary for the proper conduct of our program.


All documents will be controlled and secured, so that only those required to use sensitive information have access to it.


We will return or completely destroy all documents we are no longer required to have.

Individuals having access to documents will each be subject to an annual background check.


Electronic copying of documents will be minimized, and those copies will be deleted from all storage media, when they are no longer required.

  All persons with access to sensitive documents will be briefed on this policy annually.

At the time of player registration, The Oswego Youth Basketball Association collects:


Registration forms ‐ These are required to verify that our players´ residence is within the boundaries established for our league, and to record contact information used during the season. These forms are collected and maintained during the entire season, and are destroyed at the end of each league year.


Release forms ‐ These notarized forms are required to protect our stakeholders in the event of an injury or other event that may occur associated with participation in our leagues. Releases are destroyed at the end of each league year.


Volunteer forms, including a copy of photo identification ‐ These are collected each year to allow us to conduct background checks for all non-players associated with The Oswego Youth Basketball Association. These documents are maintained by the League President. Volunteer forms are destroyed at the end of each league year. Background checks are repeated annually for all volunteers, therefore copies of photo identification may be maintained on file for re-use in future years, if appropriate.